At Holkenberg Gardiner we offer everything in made-to-measure curtains and blinds Our business is served by specialist sewing studios.

Window furnishings have great functional importance for room acoustics, sunscreening and indoor air quality. The fabric covering your windows protects your interiors against glare, heat penetration and UV rays. But curtains and blinds also have great aesthetic value. Your window treatments should be seen as key soft furnishings in your interiors. They frame your spaces and create personal ambience.

Curtains have the effect of enhancing our perception of the spaciousness of a room. Long curtains make a room appear loftier. End-wall curtains create an illusion of a wider or deeper room.

Whether you prefer sheer curtains, decadent velvet or a natural linen look, we have a diverse range of premium curtain and blind fabrics.

Please contact us to book an appointment for our visit to your property or a meeting at our showroom.

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