At Holkenberg Gardiner we offer made-to-measure pleated blinds.

Pleated blinds combine the benefits of roller blinds and venetian blinds. The advantage is that pleated blinds are unobtrusive and discreet when pulled up, but can also be decorative when pulled down. A pleated blind is effective for dimming daylight and blocking heat.

There are various options for fitting pleated blinds.

They can be made for you so that the blind can be raised down-up, allowing you to keep the top part of your window pane blind-free, or made for conventional top-down operation.

Pleated blinds provide light entry with privacy protection.

This is a good solution for ground-floor windows, where you want to be able to look out while preventing passers-by from looking in.

Pleated blinds can also be made in blackout fabric, which is ideal for a child’s nursery or the master bedroom.

Pleated blinds can be supplied motorised and can be operated by remote control.

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