At Holkenberg Gardiner we offer made-to-measure vertical blinds.

Vertical blinds are sometimes known as vertical venetian blinds, because they have the same slatted style, but the wide louvres run from top to bottom instead of horizontally (from side to side). Vertical blinds are operated by pulling a cord/bead chain to gather the louvres at either one side, each side or in the middle. The louvres can be turned to achieve the desired daylight level.

Vertical blinds are a good solution if you prefer to let natural light into your interior, but also want to protect your privacy from prying eyes.

The louvres are adjustable to let in more or less light by turning them from open to the closed position where the louvres overlap. Vertical blinds are typically used to cover large windows or installed as room dividers.

Our vertical blinds can be tailored for arched, sloping and triangular windows. We offer a choice of solid colour or multicolour louvres for blinds to match the colourways of your interiors.

The louvres are available in different widths for most applications, and come in a wide array of colours and textures. Vertical blinds can be supplied motorised and can be operated by remote control.

Please contact us if you would like to visit our showroom to view our range of vertical blinds.

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